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If this was the last GNR tour ever and Axl became a studio musician


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So everyone is kind of sick of the ongoing CD tour and complaining about no new music.

My questions are:

1.) If this was the last tour Guns/Axl ever did would you be happy or sad?

2.) If Guns/ Axl became a studio musician and kept releasing new albums say every 3 years would that suffice you?

I would like to have new material from Axl/GNR but if Guns/Axl stopped touring, we'd have people complaining they never tour.

So ask yourself what do you really want?

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I'd be extremely unhappy, but also glad I shelled out the money to go see GNR 3 times lat the end of 2011 and in AC a few months ago. AC was the most fun I have ever ever had at a show, and though I'd be bummed I wouldn't get to experience that again, I'd be satisfied that I went.

That being said, I hope he can tour healthily throughout the next decade.

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Id say Axl I am beyond grateful for the live shows you have given us over the last 25 years even though sometimes I feel that you have had trouble with the live aspect of being a musician and the demands that places on you. You have been the most electrifying frontman in rock and roll their has EVER been.

I must say however that I agree that its time to take your career to the next stage. Immerse yourself in the studio and let us hear the stuff you produce. But please dont spend ten years on it It doesnt have to be perfect, We will think it is perfect regardless.

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