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Linkin Park - Living Things


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Linkin Park's newest album, Living Things has leaked yesterday due to an iTunes flaw which liberated free streaming for a couple of hours 4 days before the right date. Now that it can be listened as a whole in perfect quality, what did you guys think, if anyone here also enjoys this band? :tongue2:


As I've said before, Linkin Park is the band that got me into rock music as a whole. First band I really loved. So, as much as my music taste has gone far beyond Linkin Park's musical standards, I still consider them very special to me and have been following them since then. I really like Minutes to Midnight, as I thought Linkin Park would've suffered the same fate as Limp Bizkit and other nuMetal bands hadn't they changed their musical style, but A Thousand Suns felt a bit too soft and forced to me. It was like they were trying to be some other artist like Muse or Radiohead, which I thought was really pointless.

But so far, I've listened to Living Things a couple of times and it's great! Especially the first 7 songs. It gets a little tiresome then, but the last song is awesome too. That's just how I like my Linkin Park. Like I like my junk food. If I wanna listen to Linkin Park, I wanna have guilty fun. It's musical junk food. And that's what Living Things is - just one great Linkin Park-esque song after another, just one wasted instrumental track and lots of electronica. Best Linkin Park album since at least Minutes to Midnight, IMO.

Does anyone else enjoy Linkin Park? What did you think about the album?

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My favorite song order right now is:

1- I'll be Gone

2- Lost In The Echo

3- Burn It Down

4- In My Remains

5- Powerless

6- Castle Of Glass

7- Lies Greed Misery

8- Victmized

9- Skin To Bone

10- Roads Untravelled

11- Until It Breaks

12- Tinfoil

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I really liked Lost In the Echo, and Burn it Down is a good single. I was a little unsure of it I was going to bother with this album, especially after the turd Lies Greed Misery was, but now I'll definitely be picking it up (I'm not going to listen to anything else until the release date, though).

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Checking it out now. As a tolerator of most Linkin Park (hated their 3rd album) I'm interested in this.

Single is the weakest song so far.

All in all that was pretty decent. Bit better than their last effort.

Wow, you didn't like Burn It Down? I think was an obvious lead single choice due to the song's pop feeling. Until It Breaks sucks, though. Horrible song, IMO. Roads Untravelled is also really dull.

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