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Urgent! Please Help Finding a Song!


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I was sitting at an airport a year ago and heard a very simple yet profound song that I really liked. I hate myself for not writing down the lyrics as I probably could have tracked it down that way. The song was very hypnotic and I think that made me too lazy to put the effort to memorize it.

I can't really describe the song in full other than it was, I believe, a contemporary song a la Jeff Buckley or so since it was in the Airport's radio.

- It was a very simple arrangement with I believe, a repeated back and forth I and IV chord progression.

- I think the repeated lyrics were "taking it back..." or "rolling it back".

- The guitar sounded like a telecaster with no distortion and probably a little chorus much like a jazz guitar would sound.

- Very, very light sound with few instruments. Definitely no wall-of-sound deal.

- I think the singing was very light and calming (but not to the point of whispering) though it was definitely not soulful and over the top.

I know some of you are great music aficionados. Hopefully one you has heard this song. Others I think would also possibly enjoy discovering this song just as I did. If that was the only opportunity I'll have in life to have heard than song that I'll have to appreciate it for what it's worth but I would like to hear it again.

Thanks in advance!

If someone can please help me find this song, I'll repay you with 1 million Karma.

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I realize there isn't a lot to go on here but I am interested in hearing the song again. I'd describe the song as one that sounds like the "bridge" is the entire song. The chord progression is just an inverse plagal cadence a higher I chord going to a IV chord measure after measure, like a C9 to an F. I could be way off on the chords, that's just how my memory is about it. The lyrics "taking it a back" or something of the sort were repeated throughout the whole song. It sounded like an acoustic song that happened to be played on a light sounding acoustic guitar. It would me easier to describe if the song wasn't so simple and if I wasn't so lazy waiting by the gate at the airport at the time.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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