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Knowing your limits on how much to drink if you're driving.

arnold layne

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I've only drank and drove once. I was out with my dad and brother drinking at my dads shop, we get home and I had to pull one of the cars into the driveway, I wanted to see what it was like to drink and drive (stupid), so i just drove around my block. It's not a good idea too. I wasn't too drunk, and i only was out for 2-3 minutes tops

that being said, it only takes one second to run someone over. I don't reccomend it, i only did it because i really wasn't too inebriated but its still not worth it.

My dad told he me used to literally drink and drive. When he was with his brother and friend once driving home from Maine (one hour ride), they got a 12 pack for the road, but before they where home they had to get another one.

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Back on topic from all the bickering Europeans.

Look, .08 is what we have established as the limit for our driving, however, on the scene, an officer can use his discretion if you are impaired with a level under that. 2 beers being an impairment is laughable for anyone that drinks more than once a week. Sure the 110 pound girl that never touches the sauce shouldn't drive after 2, but to think that 2 beers will affect someone like me or any normal drinker? Give me a break. I know that I've had my fair share of nights where I went WAY overboard and still drove, but if we had people having to get rides after 2 or 3 every single time, are you kidding me? We don't have the kind of public transit or enough sober people to drive to think that's feasible. I'll take a fucking driving test with a .08 and pass it with flying colors.

Nate, I won't lie to you, when you turn 21, you are probably going to get drunk and drive, almost any heavy drinker does at some point. It boils down to luck and how drunk you've let yourself get. I've passed out in the back seat, and driver seat of my car in a parking lot plenty of times. Put your keys in your trunk or under the front of your car so they can't pop you for intent (they will give you a DUI if you have your keys accessible to you in the car while you're drunk). Just sleep it off if you have to. Or, be the guy that gets a ride to and from the bar with one of your friends who will stop at 2 or 3.

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Well if you wanna talk Europe, you all including the British, are mutts. Nothing beats pure Aussie blood.

Only cos it's fucking 110 proof! Which bizarrely brings us full circle! :lol:

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Back on topic lads...

The Europe discussion is far more interesting.

Then start a thread.

Arnold's started a complaint thread in Support. :lol:

And the answer to the thread is...don't drink and drive,take a fucking cab and if you can't afford that...walk it off.

Don't make me start telling stories about family and friends whose lives are altered forever by drunk drivers.

SS said it best...you just don't do it.

Now fuck off to another thread about Europe and shit! :tongue2:

Orrr...seeing as I just gave Arnold the definitve answer...carry on? :drevil::lol:

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I usually have one standard drink every hour

Aussie piss water doesn't count, ya flamin' galah!

Piss water? At least our shit beer isnt consumed at the temperature of piss!

Good question:

Piss water beer served nice and cold or good beer served at the temperature of human piss?


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