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Post YouTube vids you SHAMEFULLY like


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Ok, i'm starting this off which will wipe any marginal respect i had left on here -- Watch this right through from first to last and tell me you didn't at least tap your foot or flinch or some-fucking-thing!

In my defense, I have an 8 year old daughter who plays this song NON STOP in the house, in the car going to swimming with her pals, etc.

Like the thread says, drop the big boy/girl act -- get postin'

I'm sorry -- You'll all have my formal resignation within 24 hours :(:ph34r:

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And for my part, this plays incessantly... and I mean incessantly, for the entirety of the months of March (spring training, beginning of warmer weather, when I get out and start playing catch and swinging the bat myself) and April (first month of the regular season. I can't help it. A new baseball season for me is one of those few things in life that is pure and utter joy. Like the song suggests, to me it feels like rebirth. And I do look out the window all winter for the signs of the first few new green blades of grass growing up through the dead brown grass.

And yes I sing and do the hand-clapping bit along with it :no:

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