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3-Piece vs Multi-player bands


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I have to say that I admire 3-Piece bands for their reliance on fewer players. Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, Rush, The Police, Muse. It takes a lot of talent to package a band together like that where they can still produce great songs live. I don't know why but it makes me appreciate the music more.

What's your preference? Does it matter to you?




For the record I have never really gotten into Muse.

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The Stray Cats.


awesome band :thumbsup:

Setzer is a god.

my dad used to listen to their first 3 albums all the time when i was a kid, his favorite was 18 miles to memphis

Same here...my dad raised me on "Built For Speed."

I have so many imports and rarities of theirs, that it's borderline ridiculous.

Check out Brian's "Live Nude Guitars" CD - it's an awesome rock record.

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