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This section offers various subforums that concentrate mainly on the current era of Guns n Roses from 2001 onwards.

The exception is the ATTITUDE subforum, which is intended for discussion of any GN'R era (within the guidelines of that particular section).

Below is a description of each of the subforums within:

Hassle free discussion of the 2001 to present day eras of Guns N' Roses. The intention is to give members a place to enjoy their current GnR fandom and to connect with other likeminded fans in a non-confrontational environment.

NOTE: Solo projects of current GN'R members are allowed in this section. All other non-GnR related threads related to past members are to be posted in sections related to those former members.

This section is intended as a place to start GnR related threads that might be otherwise considered controversial or be likely to stir heated debate. It is intended for ANY era of GN'R, and any past or current member thereof.

Read more about the purpose of this section here.

This section will serve as an archive for past tours.
Each tour will be represented by YEAR.
Discussion is permitted and encouraged within.

Note: Current shows will be featured in the News and Discussion section. After the conclusion of shows, they will be archived and moved to this section for future perusal.

Archive of posts from Axl Rose during his chats with forum members.

This section is intended for fans of the "original" eras.
From the AFD and Illusion eras to the events of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions.

Note: The intention is to offer a hassle-free environment for like minded fans to celebrate the years that propelled GnR to superstardom. Comparison threads to the new band or current GnR members should be posted in the ATTITUDE section.

Subforum descriptions as follows:

This section is for hassle-free discussion and (any pending) news regarding the original GnR line ups. It can range from the formation of the AFD line up right through to HoF discussion and reunion talk. Please keep the topics GnR related.
Any solo project discussion should take place in the provided appropriate subforums as specified for each.

Hassle-free environment for news and discussion related to Slash as a solo artist.
Discussion threads involving any current member of Slash's band is permitted as long as it pertains to Slash/The Conspirators. Threads about Alter Bridge etc. are to be posted in MY WORLD.

NOTE: There is one subforum within the SLASH section.

An "archive" of the former VR section for your perusal as well as an area for future VR related topics get posted here.
In regards to Duff or Matt - only VR related posts go in this section.
Matt Sorum solo project threads go in Former Gunners.

CANTER BANTER - Q+A wih Marc Canter
Courteous and polite conversation within this forum.
Please construct tactful,well thought out comments or questions for Marc to consider.

This section will feature any immediate news related to the current GnR lineup.
Any immediate news involving former Gunners (or current members on an individual basis) will be posted if deemed "newsworthy" enough by mods/admin/news reporter staff.

FORMER GUNNERS (1985 - 2006)
Hassle free environment for News and Discussion related to solo projects and non GnR related topics involving most former members 1985 - 2006 (pending any future lineup changes).

Matt Sorum solo project threads go here.
Any Matt VR-related discussion goes to the VELVET REVOLVER subforum.
Any Matt GnR-related threads go to THE BAND subforum.

Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven have their own subforums for solo project discussion.

This section offers a variety of forums.

General discussion (non GnR related) topics go here.
"Anything Goes" is not to be taken in a literal sense - the rules of the forum and those of common sense still apply.

General non GnR-related music discussion. Celebrate your favourite bands!
Critique any aspect of music or artists but do so respectfully of those who may be fans.

We've decided to re-introduce the INTERNATIONAL forum as part of the restructure. We have condensed this and concentrated on two subsections, within two separated forums. We're particularly excited to reconnect to members who may have migrated elsewhere since these sections were dispersed and also to introduce new members to these sections -- I'm sure you'll join us in welcoming all members to the INTERNATIONAL forums as we continue to grow and develop our global network.
Each section will have one moderator and one International News Reporter -- Depending on their success and the success of those sections, further staff developments will be communicated in due course. All members using the INTERNATIONAL section(s) are politely reminded of the forum rules.

-- Guns N' Roses News & Discussion: Discuss all era's of GNR in this section.
-- Anything Goes: Discuss any non GNR related subjects here

-- Guns N' Roses News & Discussion: Discuss all era's of GNR in this section
-- Anything Goes: Discuss any non GNR related subjects here.

Threads where the theme is visual go here.
GnR related photo/image threads are also included in this section, and will be moved here accordingly if necessary.
Feel free to share examples of photography as a hobbyist or in general.
No porn or extreme/obscene material is permitted.
Please use some tact - before posting please take into consideration whether an image might upset or offend any member or staff.

Note: Threads with photos from a concert or bands other than GN'R should be posted in MY WORLD.

Threads from a current GnR concert or tour should be posted in GUNS N ROSES - DISCUSSION & NEWS.

For members to share any relevant memorabilia (does not have to be GNR related but obviously we encourage that it is!). No spam will be tolerated in this section (EG - Members just joined sharing links to external sources = Spam). You can share links to Ebay auctions as much as you wish and we hope you all continue to enjoy this section.

Section for posting live, unreleased or rare GN'R material.

Do not post officially released or copyrighted media in this section!

This section is for any forum members who are musicians to share their music, introduce their own band, etc.

It's also for gearheads to discuss any aspect of instruments and/or equipment.

If critique is asked for, please offer it with some tact - do so in a way that might help the member change/improve their skills or music in a positive way.

This section is also intended to house threads about any GnR cover/tribute bands.

This section is mainly intended for technical support which may be connected to the forum or just general PC or IT advice.
We also are happy to answer any staff questions in the "Ask an admin/mod" thread, as long as they are honest and respectful questions -- Any futile/joke related questions will be ignored and depending on the content, may be deleted.

This section is intended for forum members to provide links to other websites and forums.

Only ONE thread per site every three months; bumping topics in this section does not affect the order of threads posted.

We're happy to support other forums and member projects and hope that this gesture is recognised by being curteous -- and not abusing the privilege.

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