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DATE: 07/08/12

TITLE: Launch of the new MYGNRFORUM


From Highvoltage and the mod squad...

Hey Everyone!

After many weeks of discussion, debate and hard work by the forum's staff, we are finally revealing the all new, revamped MYGNRFORUM!

We have tried to condense and streamline the forum by removing/merging the least-used sections and adding new ones where we felt they were most needed.

Highlights of the restructure include:

The ATTITUDE section, a place for the more "controversial" or heated topics to live. It is hoped that the introduction of this forum will help keep the main section "cleaner" for members that do not wish to participate in these kinds of discussion. Not for the faint-hearted, enter at your own risk..!

The CANTER BANTER section, for Q+A with the one and only Marc Canter! This section sees Marc join the MYGNRFORUM staff as a mod of this section. More details Past Concerts section has been overhauled with the subsections removed. From now on, future concert threads (for updates/reviews) go into the main discussion section and will be moved to Past Concerts after the conclusion of the show.

We've revamped the Former Gunners section into two areas, the new HALL OF FAME section, for discussion of the "Classic" era of GN'R with subsections for each member of the AFD lineup. This goes alongside the new FORMER GUNNERS (1985 - 2006)for discussion of former members outside their time in GN'R

We've decided to re-introduce the INTERNATIONAL forum as part of the restructure. We have condensed this and concentrated on two subsections, within two separated forums. We're particularly excited to reconnect to members who may have migrated elsewhere since these sections were dispersed and also to introduce new members to these sections -- I'm sure you'll join us in welcoming all members to the INTERNATIONAL forums as we continue to grow and develop our global network.

For a detailed list of the purpose of each section, please see here - thanks to Zint for helping write them all out.

Special thanks to all members of the mod team for helping out in so many ways.

A new forum skin is on the roadmap as well as an exciting interview exclusive to MYGNRFORUM on the way!

Thanks, please send an admin a PM or post here if there are any issues!

HV, Subsy and the Mod Squad

Also, please follow us on Twitter (@mygnrforum1) and like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mygnrforum)

A competition is now running with a prize to be won once we hit 500 likes!



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