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What if Kurt Cobain and Nirvana made their own "Yellow Submarine"?

arnold layne

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I feel like if Nirvana made their own style "Yellow Submarine" movie it would have been huge. I'm not talking about a psychedelic movie though, maybe something harder and gritty like their sound. There's no question drugs were involved in the making of "Yellow Submarine". Maybe heroin would open the 'creativity' gates too.

What do you think?

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The Beatles weren't in "Yellow Submarine" except at the end, so I don't get the comparison. Maybe someone will do a "I'm Not There" or "Across the Universe" type of movie with Nirvana's songs. Could a story be built around Kurt's songs? Maybe. Krist would prob check it out.

"Live, Tonight, Sold Out" is entertaining though.

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Guest Len B'stard

Apart from the song itself, The Beatles didn't really have fuck all to do with Yellow Submarine the movie thing. As far as the album or the song, the song was basically just a childrens song written for Ringo to sing cuz he had a touch of the scouse uncle about him.

This notion that drugs are used, in a direct sense, during the making of an album, is a load of rubbish really. You can't get off your tits and make music. You can be influenced by a particular type of drug or into it and it's particular tone can effect what you produce...but the notion that the Beatles got charged up and went into the studio and made music is a load of rubbish, by their own admissions.

I think the notion of Nirvana doing psychedelic or psychedelia influenced stuff ain't too far out though, Love Buzz is very much that kind of song, i think they could really do it justice. Dense punk inspired psychedelia, interesting cocktail. Then again i suppose you could say Oasis have touched upon that sort of a sound at point.

Also, the notion that Kurt the Punk would go a barrel for all that hippie bollocks is a little dubious.

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