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black leather appreciation thread

Dead Flower

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yeh i just bought a new leather jacket that is so fuckin boss.

i play this song loud in my car when i'm wearing it.

i know the song is actually about bdsm and shit so that doesn't make much sense, but whateva.

slash's guitar is so mean. axl sings it like he fucked plenty of women with the help of some black leather. good for him.

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One of my favourites on TSI, along with Human Being, Buick Makane and Hair Of The Dog.

TSI is a very underrated record, unfairly dubbed as the black sheep of the GNR canon, but I definately think it holds up to their other albums. I find myself listening to it a lot more than Lies and UYI I.

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i still cant work out who even did the original. was it sex pistols?

colour me confused. :question:

"Black Leather is a hard rock/punk rock song about sadomasochism written by Steve Jones and Paul Cook for their post-Sex Pistols band The Professionals. The song was released as a single, and later included in a collection of Sex Pistols singles called the Pistols Pack.

It was later covered by the all-female band The Runaways on their 1978 album, And Now... The Runaways, their last album. Guns N' Roses later recorded a version for their 1993 cover album "The Spaghetti Incident?"."

That´s the story pretty much, even if i copied it from Wiki. It´s accurate enough. I have that Pistols Pack (six 7" singles), but personally i don´t count Black Leather as a Sex Pistols-song. It´s Steve Jones / Professionals- song.

More info about history of the song and where and when it was written etc. Black Leather and other Pistols trivia

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