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Anyone ever heard of this


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A rare occasion when a guest singer blew away the song's creator on stage. One of my favorite GnR moments. One that unless you experienced it in real life, maybe it doesn't have the same weight to it.

All month long MTV kept hyping their super special closing act for the show.

So we all wait and wait and wait, and MTV is hyping it to death..............and then out walks Tom Petty.

I think Tom Petty is great - but he definitely isn't the Big Gun to be a huge suprise guest to close the show. And the crowd claps, but they are a little reserved, no doubt a bit let down by the big surprise.

Tom sings a bit and then out snake dances Axl. It takes a second for the crowd to realize it, but then they go crazy. Fans rush the stage. Cheering 3 times as loud as they did when Tom was announced.

And Axl absolutely blows Tom off the stage. Axl owns the song. It sounds like a GnR song rather than Tom Petty song.

At one point in the song, Axl is going off and the camera shows Tom looking over at Axl with a look of "this guy is a monster." Half smiling, half look of amazement and half look of "what the hell".

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Axl totally outsang him during that performance.

And it wasn't even close.

I can still remember watching that performance when it happened. Also recorded it on the VCR and watched the tape about a million times, plus recorded the performance on a cassette tape - off of the vcr, so you can imagine the terrible quality. This was years and years and years before Youtube!!!

Close to the same time there was another duet, I think it was at the Rock n Russia tour or whatever it was called.

Sebastian Bach and Vince Neill were on stage for Led Zepp's Rock and Roll.......and it was even worse of a massacre. People might not like him, but Bach made Vince sound like a red-headed step-child.

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