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happy 25th anniversary afd

Guest Broskirose

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AFD changed my life when I heard it. I decided today that I want SCOM played at my funeral (which hopefully will not be for a long, long, time and it sounds then as fresh as it does today after 25 years.)

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I remember when it came out. My older brother bought home a taped copy from school and told me I had to listen to it. I listened to it and gnr have been my favorite band since. It still listen to it regularly and still love it.

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OK just listened to AFD in full to commemorate this momentous occasion and now I am feeling nostalgic. When I got to Paradise City I remembered back to 1988 when that song was huge. My local radio station had this thing called the Top 8 at 8 where you rang up and voted for your favourite song and at 8pm they would count down the 8 most voted songs. For 3 weeks straight I called up at least 20 times a day to vote for Paradise City. It was No. 1 EVERY NIGHT!!! Maybe I was the only one voting, who knows but when they announced No.1 and the intro started I was in heaven! It can still give me shivers to this day!

(I must apologise to my sister tomorrow because I blamed her when Dad cracked it over the phone bill).

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here is what I wrote on the gnr face book and del james facebook:

Thanks Guns N' Roses and Del James for making and/or being a part of making the greatest album 25 years ago today! I've listened to it almost everyday since I got over 15 years ago and has been on 4 deployments with me, to include Iraq and Afgan. Thanks again!

1987 : Appetite For Destruction — at Bagram Airfield Afghanistan.

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AFD = Guns N'Roses at their best :thumbsup:

That said, this thread should possibly have been posted in the section:


..in the sub section named named strangely enough THE BAND, and not GUNS N'ROSES as one would expect it to be named.

You'd be forgiven if you made the mistake and posted it in the section FORMER GUNNERS (1985 - 2008)


There is a discussion in progress about this here. Feel free to join in, but please no trolling, or bitching about members both past and present. Or mud throwing at other Forum members, as Gunns so desperately attempt to do, and failed miserably.

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Yeah I feel like they didn't wanna post the one with Slash's face on it. Especially since they ban people from wearing anything with Slash on it at their concerts now.

Thought that was a myth ?

No, it's true. Happened at all five shows I went to this past US round:

11/17/2011 - East Rutherford, NJ

11/26/2011 - Camden, NJ

2/12/2012 - NYC, New York

2/15/2012 - NYC, New York

2/27/2012 - Philadelphia, PA

Plus, check this out:


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