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Axl, crucifixes, Christianity, religion...

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Yo, Marc! Maybe this is no news for a bunch of people here, but for me they are. Axl always carries these crucifixes in his neck, and weared in the past Jesus' shirts. I also know that he was born a Christian (or am I wrong?). Well, do you know if he is today a Christian (I'm not asking if he goes to the Church, but if he incorporates some Christian values to his life, or give any importance to this values)? Is he a religious person at all? Does he wear crucifixes because of some of the multiple significances of its symbol, or is it just because of the aesthetic "fashion" of its image? If he's not a Christian or doesn't has any Christian belief, is he an atheist, an agnostic, or a theist (he actually believes in God, but not necessarily in the Christian God, and doesn't follow a specific body of beliefs)? Thanks!

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