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Woodstock 1994 and other 94-96 shows that didn't happen

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Woodstock 1994 was billed as three more days of peace and music. Promoters brought in big acts and attracted over 300,000 people. Guns N'Roses was invited to appear but declined, saying the show was "too commercial." But SLASH managed to be there!

Marc - this concert happened in August 1994. Gilby was fired in June - was that the real reason why GNR didn't play Woodstock?

Also, were there any other big concerts through the years that GNR turned down for one reason or another?

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I don't know. I do know that they had an offer in 1994 to do some kind of Elvis tribute that they turned down because they didn't know what song to do. Um I guess they forgot about "Heartbreak Hotel"


I'm guessing it was this, "The Tribute - The Elvis" filmed in August 1994 at The Pyramid in Memphis and aired in October 1994::

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