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Hannibal Lecter vs. The Joker (Heath Ledger's) vs. Patrick Bateman

Vincent Vega


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I think Lecter, the Joker (as portrayed by Ledger), and Batmen are three of cinemas' most compelling psychopaths. All brilliant minds, all compelling psyches. Who do you feel is the most crazy? The most brilliant? Who would win in any sort of battle--be it a psychological battle or a physical battle?

I think Lecter takes being most brilliant and in terms of fighting a psychological battle, would destroy both Bateman and The Joker; This is a guy who gets deep into people's minds and fucks with them from within. He got Miggs to kill himself by power of pure suggestion, and got Mason to mutiliate himself in much the same way. He's an incredibly brilliant, manipulative, savvy character who managed one of the greatest escapes in cinema; A man in excellent physical condition despite being older, who managed to stay hidden for over a decade despite being on the FBI's Most Wanted List...The only reason he got caught was because he was working with a man who had basically the same mindset as a serial killer and could understand them totally, almost an empath.

In terms of a physical struggle, Bateman is more blunt, but Lector and the Joker are more clever. They don't need brute force to win, only guile, deception and mindfucking, so for me, in terms of a physical fight, it'd be a tough pick between the Joker and Lector.

As far as who is the biggest psycho, I'm not sure. I'm leaning toward Bateman. Bateman is a psycho, of course, but how much of his crimes are hallucinations? It's implied in the film that most of the events are hallucinations on his part. He's a big time psycho, for sure. A random killer with no real motive except that he just wants to kill people. Lector is sane except for being a cannibal--He is not a raving lunatic with an insatiable urge to kill random people; He only kills those he sees as rude, uncouth. The Joker isn't crazy; he's simply an extreme Anarchist who believes in Chaos and wants to prove a point--More an ideological terrorist than a true psychopath.

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Biggest psycho? Hannibal Lecter. He was a fucking cannibal.

Smartest? Bateman. He maintained multiple personalities and had a very successful career.

Winner? The Joker. He's a comic villain who had a mob following, anything would be possible for The Joker.

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Lecter smartest, clearly.

But Heath's joker was brilliant and sinister. There was a strong case the dark knight should have been rated R because of how truly frightening his performance was. I work at a movie theater and when that movie was out people would leave because the Joker scared them so much. I suppose they expected Jack Nicholson.

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