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Sharon Maynard A.K.A Yoda

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Marc I was curious as to what your experience, if any, with Yoda was like? Other than snide comments from various people we don't know too much about her and how she operated with Axl/The Band. She was on part of the UYI tour I seem to recall..

Did you ever meet her? Do you know if your photo was ever sent to her to have its aura read?

I also heard stories that Dougie had to pay a monthly retainer to her of $10,000 out of his own pocket for "spiritual advice" or whatever it was she did. She also performed exorcisms at the bargain basement price of $100,000. Anyhow you mentioned a couple of times that Axl thinks Slash is evil, the Devil. I also heard that when Tom Zutaut was brought back in during the Chi Dem recording sessions to try and help get things moving, he took a phone call in the studio from Slash. As a consequence Axl insisted he have an exorcism.

Is this view that Slash is so bad something that could have been started or at least encouraged by Yoda?

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