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This is my first topic to you. Glad you're giving the straight dope.

My funny GNR story:

I've followed the band since 1987 (I was in grade 5, got tapes dubbed off a friend in school. Older sister loved GNR too, and heard me blasting Appetite. She grabbed the tapes, and pressed record over every swear word. Got them re-dubbed the next day, and eventually tricked my uncle into getting me the official tape, because he had no idea who they were (he was into country music). In 2008, I worked at MuchMusic (Canada's MTV), and as the biggest fan in the building, asked the station manager if it was okay to meet Slash (not supposed to approach talent, as they should feel comfortable to walk around, chill etc.). She asked his people, they said yes, and a week later, he was playing my guitar, chatting with me in the green room... fuckin surreal when it's someone you listened to since you were a kid, then learned his stuff note for note.


Where there's smoke there's fire... Scott seemed genuinely upset about Axl, and what he divulged in his press release, regarding Slash trying to mend fences, talking about band members, etc. Apparently Slash was unsuccessful in meeting Axl, according to his book. Did you ever get Axl's side of the story? Did Beta intercept? Does anyone feel Axl's people are 'reunion blockers?' Is Axl really not even willing to sit in a room with Slash? If I believed everything Axl has said, and I were Axl, I would be more than happy to sit in a room with him, tell him everything he did to fuck me over, and say fuck off. Apparently, he seemed happy to do it with Izzy (reading him a log of all the things Izzy said about him in the press).

Does Axl really think he was anyone specific in a past life, like Napoleon, or someone who nailed Jesus to the cross? (These were in magazines, or over heard back stage). Is he into the spiritual, paranormal, psychic stuff?


West Arkeen's funeral. As I am aware, all the members of GNR were friends with him? The original lineup had broken by the time he had passed. Did they all not run into each other at the funeral?

Thanks Marc.

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