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Guest Len B'stard

I'm getting REALLY into this genre. Ain't heard that many albums but fuck me is it wild. Listened to Autobahn by Kraftwerk, the Neu! debut album and Tago Mago by Can (although the latter i heard long before) and it's just amazing. It's like these guys like...if not ripped up the rulebook and started from scratch then at least like, i dunno, lost everything but the first three pages :lol:

It's brilliant, it's amazing, it's what i been looking for, just total fucking mental music with nothing or very little resembling all the boring rock n roll crap. Seriously getting into like, atonal abrasive music, there really is so much possibility in music that the older i get the more remote and boring and safe rock n roll feels.

I wanna hear something that totally deconstructs music and makes something like...totally original and the only way i can fathom that that is possible is through taking it all apart.

It's amazing listening to this stuff and understanding how it influenced the people that i rate...like PiL or Sonic Youth or Iggy Pop etc, i find it all fascinating. Iggys The Idiot album makes a whole new kinda sense in the shadow of stuff like Neu! It's just so inspiring i can't tell ya, makes me wanna pick my guitar up.

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