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Could we imagine guns n roses facebook´s profiles each member if it exist in 90´s?

Lucky girl

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I trying imagine if Axl, Slash, Matt, Duff, Steven had a facebook profile as us.

I imagine Axl in 94 changed your relantionship status for single afther breakout wiht Sthephanie.

Slash, Matt and Duff changed your job to Velt Revolver

Slash began a friendship with Myles

Sebastian Bach like a video´s Slash posted. Axl got angry.

Rock n roll fame sent ceremony of introduction´s invitation.

Axl click in "i dont know". Stevean was the first click i´will"

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Axl would've stopped doing interviews if he had social media, and cut down on the rants at the show. It would've gone back to the fanclub newsletters they did starting out, and comments about the shows they played.

There was the Hitler Facebook, if someone did the same for GNR, would prob. be funnier.


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