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The Zodiac Killer

Dan H.

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It clearly wasn't Allen. DNA evidence cleared him.

Tarrance was never a real suspect.

The best suspect is giakowski.

His nickname is in one of the codes. Of all the suspects, he has the most evidence that points his direction. The police dispatcher that talked to the zodiac picked his voice out from a recording.

A guy named tom voight is probably the most knowledge person alive concerning Zodiac. He has a website about the case, and has basically spent the last decade investigating it. He has uncovered evidence the police didn't even have. He has worked with the police, interviewed people involved in the case, met with Zodiac victims that lived.

Whenever shows TV shows do stories on the case, voight is always who they call for information.

I've read the books and watched the movie. But voight has dedicated a decade of his life to trying to solve the mystery. Like I said, he has access to people and information that you and I will never see. He is convinced that Gaik is Zodiac.

When the person who knows more about the case than anybody in the world, except for the actual killer, is convinced on who it is.....his guess holds more weight than mine or yours.

I started a topic a few months ago about it. There is a theory out that there wasn't really a zodiac killer. That all of the murders were done by different people, and that the police mistakenly tied them all together, and the media overblew it to sell papers. The theory makes some sense, as it would be a reason why the police couldn't tie one suspect to all the killings.

he is my favorite suspect as well

as for jack the ripper i always wondered if he came to america

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I don't see why it 'clearly' wasn't Allen.

Perhaps the DNA they collected was not from the Zodiac. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Once you realize that Graysmith's book is full of innacuracies (sp) then it is pretty easy to dismiss ALA as a suspect.

His fingerprints didn't match fingerprints found at the murder scenes or on zodiac letters

His DNA didn't match DNA taken from Zodiac letters

He didn't look like the eye witness descriptions

A surviving victim, who saw his attacker, said that it ALA wasn't the man who attacked him

ALA's residence was searched three times - including after he died - and nothing was ever found

His handwriting didn't match the zodiacs (by handwriting experts)

Seriously, if all that isn't enough to prove a man is innocent - what does?

Fingerprint, DNA, handwriting and eye witness description. Pretty much eliminates him.

Look into Gaikowski.

If you think there are good reasons that ala is Zodiac, then you should research Gaik. There is way more evidence that points towards him than ALA.

Graysmith liked ala - and wrote two books that were purposely distorted to try and prove it was ALA.

Most people in the Zodiac world consider the books to be a joke, just as an fyi. They are filled with mistakes.

We don't know for sure that it was or wasn't Gaik.

But it clearly wasn't ALA.

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Guest Len B'stard

I first heard of this guy after watching Dirty Harry as a kid, cuz that guy, the killer in that movie (who is played by Edward G Robinsons son, bit of useless trivia for ya ;) ) was based on Zodiac (Scorpio/Zodiac)...even his handwriting they copied, for the film i mean. If he was doing this in the late 60s early 70s he could still be alive, couldn't he?

Makes you think though, doesn't it? All the technology and crap...and then this one guy and they couldn't find it. Apparently the perfect murder(s) is possible.

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