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Announcement in two days?


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Yeah right, I spend too much time and energy wishing for the CD to be out. The whole process sucked some major ass, the retardness continues again. Innuendo, lame ass comments (like this and "we plan to start writing" again) and nothing happening. The same old thang, and who cares - I hope none of you would pay any attention to this lame ass project titled "the next album" as it will waste your time (for years), irritate your nerves, drive you to endless and pointless debates and quicker than you notice another year has passed without anything really.

Don't get me wrong, I love CD. Fab album, but the (too) long wait did take something out of the record, maybe mainly because of the bootlegs and knowing majority of the album in advance. I don't want to get dragged into that thing again, I surely want to see a new album and if it continues with the same direction and quality - I will certainly love it. But I'm sick of this mysterious way of discussion matters and "Oh I don't want to say as it might piss of Axl" attitude within the band. Please tell the fans if the new album is realisticly five years away or tell them if they can really expect it shortly. Be open and shut the fuck up with all that pointless innuendo, it is so very boring.

"The General is a pompously awsome track with one flute, seven saxophones, 2½ triangles, 54 tracks of crumblin' egg shells, kick ass sitar by Ravi Shankar and of course one voice. It was written by the exciting four piece mastermind group of Rose/Shankar/Freese/Huge. You'll get love it soon"

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Wolf out.

Do you mean 1 or 2:

1. Wolf Out (To consistantly quit everything except for quitting itself.)

"That surrender monkey will wolf out as soon as the first shot is fired."

2. wolf out To freak out, or go crazy. Sometimes it's harmless, but other times it ends in raping and killing.

"Turbo Werewolf loves to wolf out"

I mean I certainly do not plan to kill or rape anyone, and hopefully you'll stay clear of that too.

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