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TOOL working on new album


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Last we heard regarding a new Tool album, the guys were hoping to hit the studio in July to start tinkering around with some new ideas. The band’s last LP, “10,000 Days,” dropped in 2006, so considering Tool are one of the most popular underground rock acts of their generation, they’re long overdue for a new record.

Now, Tool drummer Danny Carey has given an update of sorts that, yes, he and the guys of Tool are currently working on new music. While frontman Maynard James Keenan has yet to step in with his vocals, Carey says the rest of the Tool gang and working hard to lay down the basis of sounds that will make up the next Tool record. Fans of the band are no doubt stoked to hear that tidbit.

Carey made the announcement towards the end of his appearance on the Children of Saturn radio show last week. “The Tool thing is happening,” Carey said. “Me, Adam and Justin are banging away, trying to get enough [music] to get Maynard in there, but there is no wine before it’s time.”

In a previous interview with Vic Firth during the band’s short U.S. tour earlier this year, Carey explained that the writing process between band members is pretty organic. “We just all get in there and grind it out,” he said. “Sometimes, if I come up with a beat, the guys will write a riff to that. Like, Justin [Chancellor, bass player] has really been prolific on this record. He’s been coming in with tons of riffs. I usually try to find something to compliment it rather than play what he’s playing, that’s for sure, because we’re allowed to do that in our band, since there are only three pieces, really. So, it gives you a lot more space…”

No word yet on just when the new Tool album will arrive, but fans should have peace of mind knowing it’s on the band’s to-do list.

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