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Grunge vs. Industrial Rock/Metal

Vincent Vega

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Which was the better genre? Which had the better subculture?

Also, what are the best Grunge albums? What are some of the best lesser known (non mainstream) Grunge bands?

What are the best Industrial Rock/Metal albums? What are some of the best lesser known (non mainstream) Industrial artists/groups?

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I pick Grunge.

Pearl Jam's Ten is one of the best records of all time; the follow-up (Vs.), Alice in Chains' Dirt, Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger and Mother Love Bone's Apple are some of my favorite ones.

Nine Inch Nails is the only Industrial band I listen to.

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Two of my favorite music genres. I would go with grunge, though. The best Grunge album IMO is the tripod album by Alice In Chains and their EP, Jar Of Flies. PJ's first two albums are outstanding. Ten is album that lacks lame songs.

Lesser known bands? Candlenbox, Silverchair, Bush, L7, Babes In Toyland, Gruntruck, Screaming Trees, Green River, The U-Men, The Melvins (they had a grunge era) I wouldn't consider all of these bands grunge, but...

With Teeth is my favorite NIN album and The Downward Spiral is their most successful album. My fave Industrial Metal album gotta be Educated Horses by Rob Zombie. KoRn's Issues marked their drpature from their Nu-Metal sound and is a great Industrial Metal album, along with their untitled album. Other artists: Static-X, Kovenant (their new stuff, that is), Marylin Manson (Great Big White World is one of their best songs), Rammstein.

Grunge. And listen to some other grunge Nate, essentially every band leaves Nirvana in the dust.

Sooooo true.

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never been a fan of either grunge or industrial be it rock or metal unless you count ulver which experimented some with industrial. with grunge i basically dislike it outside of alice in chains(which to me were more metal than grunge) and soundgarden(same)

i call this a draw lol

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Without a doubt grunge.

I would say the best grunge albums are the s/t album by Temple Of the Dog (a mix of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden members - essentially the modern day Pearl Jam lineup with Chris Cornell singing with them), Dirt by Alice In Chains, the first 3 Pearl Jam albums, and Superunknown by Soundgarden

Some lesser known grunge bands are:

Screaming Trees

Mother Love Bone (the precursor to PJ)

Green River (the pre-precursor to PJ predating Mother Love Bone)



Mudhoney (not necessarily obscure but lesser known of course)

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Guest Len B'stard

Never liked grunge, never cared for it, few good bands and actually QUITE a few good bands in the preceeding years but really i don't have a lot of time for any of the bands out of the grunge movement, Nirvana and Mudhoney, thats about it, they were the only really singular original powerful bands out of that whole scene.

Industrial i ain't got a fuckin' clue about although apparently a lot of the bands i listen to like PiL etc, a lot of the post punk stuff i adore apparently was a great influence on it, wouldn't know first hand :shrugs:

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