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Recommend me some dark and depressing movies

Randy Lahey

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Guest Len B'stard

None of the films mentioned are particularly depressing i don't think. How the fuck is Last Tango depressing, Last Tango is cool, the whole message of Last Tango or one of them is that, y'know, rebirth, reinvention, Brandos character is kinda born again through this affair with this bird and then he has that kind of cathartic go at his wifes corpse, cries a bit and, y'know, sort of reaches an equilibrium within himself. Other than that, the film is interspersed with Brando shaggin' this bird, hows Last Tango depressing?!?!

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I remember watching this war film when I was a kid called Escape From Sobibor. Its about a nazi death camp where their are several escape attempts.

In one scene an escape attempt fails and the four guys friends and family are all put into big group in front of them, the German guards then tell them that the escapers will be shot but they must each choose a friend or relative to die with them.

And at the end the Jews are making another bid for freedom but unfortunately about three hundred get split from the crowd and end up sprinting across a minefield to reach the gates with predictable results.

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Candy - An indie Heath Ledger did after Brokeback Mountain. He and Abbie Cornish play young heroin addicts who fall in love as addiction rips their lives apart. Depressing as shit, but still awesome. Better drug movie than that dumb ass Requiem for a Dream.

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