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if you were going to make a chinese democracy video trilogy...


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if you were axl and you were going to make a new epic video trilogy like the one from use your illusion, which three songs from chinese democracy would you pick? and why? are they thematically related, or just your three favorite songs? what would be a cool concept to draw out over three epic videos?

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Not my favourite 3 (but close), i'd go for Madagascar, This I Love & Better with a loose thematic to them.

Madagascar = Band breakup

This I Love = Relationship breakup

Better = Finds a way to move on

If i had to replace one of the songs it'd have to be Madagascar. Axl does a great job in expressing his feelings through the tone in his voice. I think he called the song Madagascar to represent his split from the band, an island that millions of years ago split from India is also quite cool. Im not quite sure an average fan would 'get it' though.

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Better/Catcher In The Rye - While Better is a better hit single, catcher is a lit more epic, i don't know which i'd choose.

There Was A Time - THE nuGnR song. This is like TDK or Empire Strikes Back.

Prostitute - Epic conclusion

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