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What as your favorite month of 2003 and why?

Guest Lucrecia

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Guest Len B'stard

The one where The Sex Pistols reunited at Crystal Palace.

Which month was that specifically? I thought they reunited in the 90's. I saw them in high school.

96, 03 and 07

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2003 was a tough year. I was overweight, bullied, and the depression was rearing its ugly head.

I think I got my first NFL Madden game that year though. That was when Madden 2004 was released with Mike Vick. That game kicked ass.

yeah it was a great upgrade over madden 2003 and also the madden curse struck on vick he broke his leg a week after the game was released

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Guest Len B'stard

Whats the difference? Apart from the name i mean :lol:

Apparently a lot. I've never been to Florida, but that one is bigger. The one in California is the OG Disneyland of the world. Isn't there one in France now too or some shit?

Yeah, Pierre Mouse and Serge Duck, sounds like a fucking toilet cleaner :lol: When i think Disney i think morbidly obese American kids and cancer patients queueing the blazing sun adorned with crimes against fashion, eating footlong hotdogs and saying everything in question form.

It just wouldn't work in France, when i think France i think extremely ugly men smoking Gitanes and wonderful short haired ladies with sexy accents and sunglasses that talk to you whilst looking the other way. And from the state of some of their fuckin' blokes, you can see why.

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