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Sympathy for the Devil

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A couple of questions.....

1) Does Slash REALLY hate Guns' cover of Sympathy as much as he says publicly? Does he really feel it's the "sound of the band breaking up"? Or is that him just sort of embellishing stuff? I ask because that's a rather dramatic stance...Like designed to make the public feel negatively about the song.

2) How did Axl feel about the cover, when it was done? Does he too feel negatively about it nowadays?

3) What about the other band members?

4) Did Axl ever talk to you about why he added Paul Huge to the song? Do you know why he did it without asking Slash first?

5) Do you know if the stories that Slash said about the song's recording--That Slash went to try and talk to Axl when Axl recorded his vocals for the song and Axl just talked to him from behind a magazine and didn't really listen to him--is that true? What about the story Slash told of Axl demanding Slash re-record his solo to sound more like the original song, which pissed Slash off?

6) Duff says the song is "credited to Guns N' Roses", implying GN'R might not actually play on the song....What's the story with that? As far as you know, do Axl/Slash/Paul/Duff/Matt/Dizzy play on it?

Anything else you know behind the scenes about the song and/or it's recording would be really cool to know!

I ask because as it's the last recording ever done or released by Axl, Slash and Duff together as a band it's pretty significant.

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