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Popcorn for mod

Dan H.

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Popcorn Snatch should be promoted to mod.

He's done a wonderful job of denoting the purpose of both the Attitude, GNR D&N, and Anything Goes sections.

He's also uncovered a massive Skype Crew conspiracy to destroy NuGNR and ruin Axl's flourishing career.

His ego and narcissism are in just the right place as well.


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I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm on the mods' shitlist too, you know. Not the same list as some of you fuckers: no, I'm on an entirely different sort of shitlist. I'm not making this up.

However, I do have one redeeming quality. I don't go into ANY of the Slash-related sections and cupcake relentlessly. Before some of you start getting cute about my shenanigans in attitude, allow me to remind you that the purpose of attitude is for shenanigans. In fact, you might call me the "master shenaniganner." Someone called me that at work, no lie.

Hey y'know, now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind being the moderator of the Ritz chat. That shit could be fun.

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