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What do you think of the newly announced Vegas run?



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I need a "I don't give a damn fuck" option. Damn you WhazUp!

This actually, once upon a time I was proud of being a Guns N`Roses fan now I`m embarrased, the most dangereous and unpredictable band became safe, easily predictable cash grabbing cover band ( I know "New GNR" fans will get their panties in bunch but this is my opinion so suck it ) Axl is a pale shadow of himself he gave up his "vision" of resurrecting GNR he has no hunger, drive and passion to create new music fucking shame I prefer to remember him who he once was not who he is now such a waste of talent and potential it`s saddening!

I`ll gladly change my perception of current band when and if they ever put out new music prove me wrong Axl!!!!

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