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Band will play the album 'Appetite For Destruction' in its entirety?


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The GUNS N 'ROSES as announced earlier by the same vehicle, will make a season almost a month in Las Vegas, during which twelve shows will be presented in show house at Hard Rock Cafe.

During his residency at the site of the band - from October 31 to November 24 - the band will play the album 'Appetite For Destruction in its entirety to celebrate its 25 years of release.


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I do wonder though, if no new music if being written or debut is DJ going to stay with the band?

sure, is a fuckin good job.

axl is hilarious (and pathetic)



So Metallica playing the black album in its entirety is pathetic also?

ok, nevermind!

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"So, tell me Ron. How did you come up with the Welcome To The Jungle riff? Please, the world wants to know."



Tell us Ron of some of your experiences while writing that song. What were you and the band doing at that time?

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it was probably in the terms of his contract with the casino. i'm sure that was the draw for them. i'll bet calling it "appetite for democracy" was the big concession team brasil won in negotiations.

don't hate on it. being able to make money off the gnr name was why axl fought so hard to win it.

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