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Saddest moment in GN'R history

Vincent Vega

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Is this from the same show? Argentina '93?

Anyway why is that sad? I think the pic droezle posted might count as a sad moment. Or perhaps any day during which one of them nearly died? I imagine the day Slash experienced heart failure must have been a nightmare of a day...

Or maybe for the fans it was a sad day when it was officially announced that Slash quit? I remember my brother was quite pissed when he heard that news.

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That wasn't very sad and neither one of them knew it or they wouldn't have had interviews long after that talking about the next album.

Just saying. :shrugs:

They talked only to give a sense of hope. But I think both Axl and Slash saw the writing on the wall definitely by '93. Axl said here he knew the band was dying before the UYI tour started. Slash has sort of said the same thing in retrospect. And Matt said no one wanted to go home at the end of the UYI tour because they all knew deep down that meant the end.

Even if they said a lot of hopeful stuff, it was just for good PR. Think of how hopeful Slash and Duff sounded in the first year or so after Scott departed from VR--It's just hopefulness.

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Slash said the opposite in his book. '92 was when he foresaw the breakup of the band, but in '93, the band was closer than ever, and he felt like they were all brothers after that night in the OP.

I think they enjoyed the Skin N Bones tour more than the first 2 years, but I think they kind of knew the future was cloudy as far as what they were going to do next, except Duff was going right into his solo project. I think he was afraid of that down time leading to a relapse.

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