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what the hell, Ted was crap

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I thought it was quite good, there were a few bits that weren't great but overall it was alright.

Gotta say though, funniest bit of the night was this group of chav girls being refused entry and looking really stupid when they kicked off.

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I was consistently laughing, or maybe hearty giggling, throughout the movie. No big laughs. It was what I expected, 4-5 live action episodes of Family Guy with a loose plot. :shrugs:

This is about what I thought of it. And though there were some really funny parts, I almost felt like I was forcing myself to heartily giggle because I was expecting it to be so much funnier. At the time, I blamed a hangover, but now I'm not so sure.

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I thought it was great.

+1 :popcorn:

There really is no excuse to have seen this movie and hated it. It was Family Guy humor, and done well. If you don't like Family guy humor, you shouldn't have seen it. It would be like me going to see Eat Pray Love and being shocked I didn't like it.

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

Went a big group and we thought it was hilarious. We were giddy as hell before it even started though. I wonder if I would've enjoyed it watching it alone. With these kind of films you have to be in the mood for them anyway.

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