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Original R.K. Sloane Guns N’ Roses Painting Sells for $5,000 at Auction

Haters Gonna Hate

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When an original R.K. Sloane Guns N’ Roses painting sells for $5000 on eBay, who’s bidding — the art market or the rock fans? Sloane, the legendary artist who passed away in 2006, undoubtedly has his own legion of followers. But in the case of this image, which is so highly identified with Guns N’ Roses, it’s possible that this 20″ x 22″ framed art now belongs to a fan of the band.

This iconic image was used for Guns N’ Roses album and CD art, posters, t-shirts and more. Sloan liked to paint on anything, including motorcycles and guitars, a few of which Slash used on stage. The seller also mentions that this image was occasionally used on the drum head at some of the band’s shows.

Sloane created edgy paintings and had a raw talent for revealing the beautiful side of ugly. This theme artistically worked for Guns N’ Roses, as it was the same imagery they seemingly were trying to convey. Sloan had a twisted way of seeing things and often used skulls, clowns or haunting images for the centerpieces of his work. He drank, he smoked and was known as a bit of a badass, much like the band he’s now so highly associated with.

Though the personal interests of the buyer remain unknown, it’s clear that he or she now owns what many would refer to as a genuine masterpiece in the gallery of classic rock.

Full Article- http://ultimateclassicrock.com/r-k-sloane-guns-n-roses-painting/

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