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Yesterdays: present scene vs. past scene


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GNR were massive as I was growing up. It floored me that just about every song they released got massive airplay and did pretty well on video countdown shows etc. There was also this big mystique surrounding the band. I remember reading an article about Slash supposedly having AIDS (Inquirer or something equally trashy), Axl keeping hits of acid in his bandana, and everyone thought Axl was the kind of guy that would punch you if you said the wrong thing (even a 6th grader like me at the time... lol)

Slash was also a strange character. He never showed his face, he looked intimidating with the guitar, he never spoke. To us kids at the time, he was akin to someone who had escaped a mental institution, and maybe had a disfigured face or something. lol

These days, it's my opinion that social media has almost ruined the celebrity, or at least focuses the light on the wrong ones (Paris Hilton, Kardashians [please someone kill them], Jersey Shore [causes brain damage worse than any drug I've ever taken]). I feel like people have too much access to a celebrity's life and it kills the mystique. This may also have led to the downfall of music television. Why bother seeing an interview on MTV when you got the new on twitter already, or see the music video when you can go to youtube.

What are your thoughts on this? Have any GNR members ever brought this kind of topic up?

Music has become so corporate, worse than it was in the 80s. I don't think there is a way to pull back to talented hard rock bands anymore. I basically only adopted pop (like Lady Gaga - to me she is like a female Marilyn Manson), Adele and some hard Electronic like Boys Noize, Daft Punk etc... Nothing much really interests me anymore. Anything new you're listening to? -Don't say Justin Bieber... lol

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