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The Who Live In Texas '75


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Release date: October 9

Filmed at The Summit in Houston, Texas on November 20th 1975, this film captures a typically incendiary live performance by The Who at the start of the US leg of their tour in support of The Who By Numbers album which had been released earlier that year. The original video footage has been cleaned and the sound remixed by longtime Who collaborator Jon Astley but the show still retains a rawness that encapsulates the energy of The Who's performance. The set list stretches across the band's career from classic early singles such as My Generation and Substitute through an extensive Tommy section and up to tracks from the then newly released By Numbers. / Line-up:

Roger Daltrey (vocals, harmonica); Pete Townshend (guitar, vocals); John Entwistle (bass, vocals); Keith Moon (drums, vocals) / Track Listing:

1) Substitute 2) I Can t Explain 3) Squeeze Box 4) Baba O Riley 5) Boris The Spider 6) Drowned 7) However Much I Booze 8) Dreaming From The Waist 9) Behind Blue Eyes 10) Amazing Journey 11) Sparks 12) Acid Queen 13) Fiddle About 14) Pinball Wizard 15) I'm Free 16) Tommy's Holiday Camp 17) We're Not Going To Take It / See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You 18) Summertime Blues 19) My Generation 20) Join Together 21) Naked Eye 22) Roadrunner 23) Won't Get Fooled Again 24) Magic Bus 25) My Generation Blues


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Guest Len B'stard

Moonie Moonie Moonie Moonie Moonie! :D

I think there's a clip from this in Amazing Story docu, a clip of Pete singing However Much I Booze, remember thinkin' 'shit, i'd love to see the rest of that gig', now i can, well played Zint! :)

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the excellent quality bootleg that has been in circulation for years...

is the reason I might pass on this.

I understand why you might do that but I have to believe it will still be better than the excellent boot we have.

I compare it to the Stones L&G 72 concert video. the 4REEL label put out a great print of that show but the official video blows it away with the restored picture and excellent properly mixed 5.1 sound...I will definately be getting this.

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Guest Len B'stard

Not to mention, it's the fucking Who! Not to mention its THE fucking Who, Entwhistle, Daltrey, Townshend and Moonie, and 8 fuckin dollars too, thats like 5 or 6 quid over here, that ain't even the price of a pack of fags for fuckssake. I call that a bargain *ba dum chee* :D


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They can restore anything, if they have a decent print or master to work from.

This is from an adequate source, but nothing that blu will enhance.

Plus if you have a decent deck with HD upscaling it's near as damn it anyway.

It's like that with Good To See You Again Alice Cooper, side by side there isn't a massive difference between the dvd (upscale) and the blu.

In fact, there's hardly any.

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Watched the whole thing today.

Good show!

It took them a while to hit their stride, but around the 20 minute mark when they broke into Drowned, BAM!

Killer version of that tune.

Worthy buy at $8.99. the audio is cleaned up nicely as well.

Always cool to add a new Who release to the collection. :devilshades:

...and I can retire another bootleg :tongue2:

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