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Should Physical Graffiti have been split into two albums?

Vincent Vega

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As some know, Physical Graffiti is an album which featured a lot of new material (recorded from January to February 1974) by Led Zeppelin, with older vault material prior to 1974 thrown in to fill out the release.

Instead of doing that, should Physical Graffiti have been two separate albums? Not like the UYIs where it's a double album just split in two parts, but literally just two utterly separate albums.

The material the band had in the vaults dating prior to 1974 was this:

The Rover

Houses of the Holy


Night Flight

Boogie with Stu

Down by the Seaside

Black Country Woman

We're Gonna Groove

Poor Tom

Baby Come on Home

Walter's Walk

The "new" 1974 material was this:

Custard Pie

In My Time of Dying

Trampled Underfoot

In the Light

Ten Years Gone

The Wanton Song

Sick Again


How do you think if the albums were released like that--like I outlined above--two separate albums with those songs, say one album of the old material released in 1974 and the other of the new material in 1975, how would they have been received? Would they have been as good apart, strong records on their own?

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They prob. could've tacked on "Hey Hey What Can I Do" on to "Physical Graffiti" at the time.

It would've been cool if Page finished "Swan Song" instead of putting that one in the vaults and brought it out for The Firm. It prob. would've been as much of a classic as anything else on there.


"Physical Graffiti" works as a whole and doesn't sound like an "odds and ends" album.

Zep could do no wrong at that time, so they could've done the single album and done well, but they needed a break from the road at the time.

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