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Kurt Cobain vs. Bob Dylan

Georgy Zhukov

Kurt Cobain Vs. Bob Dylan  

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Guest Len B'stard
Sid Vicious was the only person I ever saw threaten Dylan. They both were at a London gig I played with Robert Gordon in 1979, and Sid came backstage after our first set and started waving a knife around the room and hassling Bob, just being a drunken x. He was saying, "Hey, you're Bob Dildo then, aren't you? Eh! fuck you, Bob Dildo." Bob asked me, Rob who IS this guy?" He wasn't freaked or anything, Bob boxes; he's a tough little guy and can take care of himself. We just grabbed Sid and hustled him out of the room

Good ol' Sidney :lol:

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Guest Len B'stard

I love Bob Dylan, i think he's fantastic. His vocals are the best part, they're so fuckin' unique, they sound oddly hoarse and yet he can push it to do some reasonably cool thing. Try singing Queen Jane Approximately then get back to me. Good ol' Bobby Dildo, there ain't another one like him. I think of him as a kind of well-polished psuedo beat version of Woody Guthrie.

And the music, well shit, i don't know what to tell you if albums like Highway 61 and songs like All Along the Watchtower and Like A Rolling Stone don't speak to you, i guess it's a personal preference thing but Bob was one of those artists that i fell in love with the minute i heard the first verse of any music i ever heard, it was that kinda instant connection that you get with artists when you know you're gonna love em for the rest of your life and there's very few people i can say that about.

Never listened to his stuff past John Wesley Harding & Nashville Skyline however, despite having been a fan for many years now. I hear nothing but good things about most of it though.

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They both suck imo...

One was an annoying insecure prick that made people think it's cool to be a chode ( I like Nirvana overall but come on, why are they THAT big ?? ) and the other one can write decent songs and lyrics but has probably the shittiest voice on Earth.

TOM WAITS > all.

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