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Glitch / Electro Swing/Hip Hop... anyone dig?


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So I'm pretty fond of glitch and electro hip hop / swing because it's fucking sweet. Generally defined by funky basslines, dub-like drops and a heavy reliance on samples from the jazz/swing era of popular music. A lot of the artists producing electro-swing make hip-hop/glitch beats too, so I lumped them in here as well.

Guys like Gramatik,

, etc are who I'm talking about.

GRiZ is one such artist that I've gotten into pretty recently and he dropped his album (for FREE) yesterday called Mad Liberation (he actually plays a lot of the instruments on it too!). Still working through it, but this one is standing out so far:

Bit of a long shot, but anyone else around here into this kind of music / got recommendations? If you're curious about "dance" music but hate the repetitive, bland shit you hear in clubs, this is for you. :)

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I like Glitch mob. Don't know much about the genre but I enjoy Glitch mob every now and then to chill out to.

They were the last lot I threw in, mainly because I like them so much - but that's more "Glitch" (duh) than any of the other guys here. Heavier and more "listening" music than "dancing" music... but yeah, Drink The Sea is a fucking great album to smoke a bowl and dim the lights to. :shades:

EDIT: Kind of the same reason I threw Pretty Lights in there...

If you're a Zep fan, you'll either die watching that... or find it really, really fucking cool.

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Check out DJ Girl Talk

Grr, can't stand the guy. He's fun live and all, but sooooo hyped up.

Madeon definitely does mashups better than Girl Talk... JMO. Should also mention he's like 16 in the above video... a true freak. Not to mention he produces some really fucking tight shit of his own.

The Griz song in your original post is great, downloading the album now.

If you like that one, this is one is a few months old and didn't make the album:

Great track though... Super mellow couple of minutes, then builds into a wall of groove. :shades:

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