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Alice Cooper's "Raise The Dead" Tour 2012/2013


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I know there's a fair few Alice fans on here, so I thought it'd be nice to make a thread on this upcoming tour - seeing as it appears to be the first tour really built around promoting a new album since Brutal Planet (Obviously Dirty Diamonds and Along Came A Spider had tours, but they didn't really have anything to do with the album). Bits and pieces of info are starting to be shared regarding the concept of the show, and it sounds like a really exciting tour! Some key points that have been mentioned by Alice/band members regarding the show:

- The show will have 3 acts. Act 1 - classic Alice songs. Act 2 - "The Nightmare", only songs from Welcome To My Nightmare and Welcome 2 My Nightmare. Act 3 - "...an entirely new concept that [Alice] won't reveal, including a new execution".

- Among the Nightmare 2 songs to make the setlist, Alice would like to do "Runaway Train", "The Congregation", "I Am Made Of You", and others (Assumedly "I'll Bite Your Face Off" and "Caffeine" as well).

- The idea of doing "What Baby Wants" and having Orianthi sing Ke$ha's part has been discussed.

Tour dates:

10/19 - Verona, NY

10/24 - Cardiff, Wales

10/25 - Wolverhampton, UK

10/27 - Bournemouth, UK

10/28 - London, England

10/30 - Nottingham, England

10/31 - Edinburgh, Scotland

11/1 - Sheffield, England

11/3 - Frankfurt, Germany

11/4 - Basel, Switzerland

11/7 - Calgary, AB

11/8 - Saskatoon, SK

11/9 - Moose Jaw, SK

11/11 - Medicine Hat, AB

11/13 - Dawson Creek, AB

11/14 - Edmonton, AB

11/16 - Vancouver, BC

11/17 - Spokane, WA

11/18 - Tacoma, WA

11/20 - Kennewick, WA

11/21 - Boise, ID

11/23 - Denver, CO

11/25 - Reno, NV

11/27 - San Francisco, CA

11/29 - Los Angeles, CA

11/30 - Las Vegas, NV

12/1 - Indio, CA

Anyone going to a show thats been announced so far? There will be plenty more dates next year, in all of Alice's regular markets. I'll be at the opening night in Verona, NY.

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I would like to see him if he hits the East Coast. I wanna see what's in store for the last bit inside the spoiler.

Same. I really have no clue what it might be. A lot of people seem to think it'll just be rarities and songs he's never done live, but I wouldn't think that'd be something to keep under wraps so tightly. I think it's gotta be something very theatrical, or something else noteworthy (i.e. a mini set of songs with the ACG or something....). I'll definitely be reporting back on it ASAP after the first gig though ;)

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seeing as it appears to be the first tour really built around promoting a new album since Brutal Planet (Obviously Dirty Diamonds and Along Came A Spider had tours, but they didn't really have anything to do with the album).

You are forgetting about the Dragontown tour. That tour was based around the Dragontown album, stage props and all.

He skipped Normal this time around :(

Whatever, I saw him at Bonnaroo this year so that was nice

Do you mean Normal, IL?? That may be because he just played in Peoria in July.

I wish this tour was coming somewhere close, I'd most likely go.

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Setlist (More details later):

Hello Hooray

House Of Fire

No Mite Mr. Nice Guy

I'm Eighteen

I'll Bite Your Face Off

Be My Lover

Billion Dollar Babies

The Congregation (live debut)

Hey Stoopid

Dirty Diamonds (incl. drum solo)

Welcome To My Nightmare

Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Go To Hell

Brutal Planet

Devils Food

Feed My Frankenstein

Break On Through

Back Door Man


Foxy Lady

I Can See For Miles

My Generation



School's Out

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The Congregation - fucking awesome! How was it?

Wouldn't have worked out with work anyway, but still upset I didn't get to see him this time around. Hoping he comes around again soon with a set like this. :)

How were the covers?

Congregation was great - one of the few songs I actually liked on the album and it's even better live. I hated Caffeine on the album but loved it live earlier this year, so I was pretty bummed by there only being 2 W2MN songs in the set...those songs really come to life live!

The covers in themselves were cool and Alice did them all great, but they just absolutely kill the energy of the set, the crowd completely zoned out from that point on. Revolution was great in particular, really good one for Alice to do.

I'll write up a full review tomorrow...gotta get up for work at 7 AM so I'm not feeling up to it tonight. But just a few points worth mentioning/facts for now:

- First time The Congregation was played live

- First performance of House Of Fire since 1990

- First Alice Cooper tour (To my knowledge) to feature pyrotechnics

- First Alice Cooper tour (to my knowledge) not to feature a death sequence

For the record, from a quick scan of the AC forums, people are extremely extremely disappointed in the show based on initial reports (For some reasons justifiably so, but I'll touch on this in my full review)

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