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Hello gnr friends


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Hey guys, I have been a member on this board for a long time, since 2003, and I have been visiting this board ever since. As a fan I am wondering what everyone thinks about "This I Love". I remember hearing a interview with patti smith, I think it was. It was so exciting to here her true feelings about the song, in which she played the harp. She said it was one of the most beautiful songs she had ever heard. I have seen polls by the fans, and TIL seems to receive some poor ratings, why is this? During my college years November Rain, became so personal for me, because it helped me get through a hard break up. It was to me a song about death, not at all in the physical sense but loosing the one you love in a hard break up and bitter sweetly moving on. This I love is becoming very personal because I found a love that is more real and far exceeds my passions for the love that was lost so long ago. I want to invite you the fans to my YouTube channel. There is a video where I am singing along with the greatest singer in the world, and would like if you all could subscribe to it. P eace Gunners

Dude, PATTI HOOD played the harp,not patti smith :facepalm:

Are you in the car with your mother or something on that video? :confused:

Ha! Feeling sadistic hivolt?? :lol:

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