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Alter Bridge


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Alter bridge is incredible. Tremonti is one of the best guitarists out there and Myles voice, I agree, is way more suited to Alter Bridge material than it is to Slash. That said, to truly get Myles main strengths just look for Youtube videos where it's just him and an acoustic guitar - he fucking shines there and it's transcendent and beautiful.

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I've always been surprised that we've not had a bigger, more comprehensive thread about them, because they are simply a top, top band. Not enough credit given.

Picked up Live from Wembley the other day, having actually been at the gig. I must admit, I was actually disappointed with them then, as I think they were attempting to nail it all for the Live CD/DVD - but Miles was absolutely supreme, as you'd expect.

Such a great group - I expect even bigger things from them in future. Very glad I've followed them closely since their debut!

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I bought live tickets for them on a whim. I hope it's worth it.

I only know the song blackbird, which I like. Are there any recommendations you guys could give me?

You don't need anything else. If you've heard one song you've heard every single one of them. Blackbird will do.

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