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Would leaks make you happy?


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For me personally there was no better time to be a GN'R fan than logging on and seeing leak talk , especially clips which make you want it even more. Then on the other side of things I have seen fans totally against the leaking of a song . Times are atm , so I ask would a leak of an old song (with old members ) make up for the drought we are going through , or make you miss the old lineups?

I also ask , why hasn't there been leaks? Is there just a lack of trading going on ? trust? scared of getting sued? I remember hearing back in the day of certain versions of songs out there or was that all BS..

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New leaks would be cool because I am interested in hearing what the new music will sound like.

I believe the band might be more careful to prevent leaks now, either because they don't want leaks at all or because they want the leaks to coincide with the build-up to the next record.


Yes because I'm not really sure at all that Axl will release anything ever.

And this.

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I love the fact that I get you so emotional to actually make you go ahead and make this file and keep it on your pc. How cute :rofl-lol:

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Took me about 10 seconds maybe.

So you do this each time I upset you? :lol:

You upset me? That's news to me. I found your post amusing, therefore I laughed. In internet speak that would be said as: lol.

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Yea until Axl can prove he can release an album more than every 10 years I welcome any and all leaks.... I'll also always buy the actual cd when/if it comes out

Great post. The leak you hear today might be the only new music you hear from GnR for the next decade.

I'll never understand why GnR is soooo secretive with their music. Some bands actually enjoy sharing new stuff with their fans! Even before an album is released!!!!!!

It's rock and roll music - not a cure for cancer or military secrets that hold the fate of the world in their message.

Oh no - we've heard 30 seconds of Checkmate (or whatever the real title is)......does that mean nobody is gonna buy the next album?

The only reason that a leaked song would hurt a band is if the song sucked. If a leak is awesome, then people will be excited to hear the rest of the songs and will want to buy the album.

Speaking of Checkmate (or whatever the real title is.....Jackie Chan seems like Axl was making a joke, but people took it seriously) that is the one leak I'd love to hear the most.

Of all the songs on CD, Checkmate seems like the most old school GnR rocker type of song. The nighttrain or rocketqueen type sound. Yes, we don't know what the other 4 minutes of the song sounds like. But from the clip we've heard, that is the feeling I got from it.

So yes. I'd love to hear leaks.

I'd love to hear officially released songs or an album more. I'd pay $100 today to hear 5 new songs. I can't even imagine the joy of hearing 16 new songs.....or a double album.......or a box set!

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If something leaked I would listen to it sure. But all in all if it is not indicative of new material coming out then it wouldn't make me happier about the state of the band in terms of releasing new material and just the overall activity

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