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The Cancelled 2001 Tour

Vincent Vega

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Hey, Marc

A question:

A planned (down to the dates and venues) summer 2001 tour of Europe was suddenly cancelled without warning. The cancellation at first blamed on Buckethead having an illness. Axl claimed to have not known about the tour until he read about it on the internet. Meaning, if he was being honest, that a GN'R was planned and booked without his knowledge by Doug Goldstein.

Guns N' Roses were due to begin their European Tour on June 1 at the German music festival Rock am Ring, but announced in May that they were to cancel the entire tour; according to the band's European management agency, the reason for the cancellation was the illness of lead guitarist Buckethead.[21] With a rescheduling process said to be planned,[21] it was later announced that many of the proposed tour dates would be completed later in the year.[22] On November 8, it was announced that the tour was to be cancelled completely, allegedly due to the ongoing illness of Buckethead, which was also said to have delayed the completion of the upcoming album.[23] The band's manager, Doug Goldstein, apologised to fans for scheduling the tour, which he admitted was a poorly executed decision, with the following statement:

"Following the euphoria of [the band's appearance at the] Rock in Rio [concert], I jumped the gun and arranged a European tour as our plan was to have the new album out this year. Unfortunately, Buckethead's illness not only stopped the tour, but it slowed down our progress on Chinese Democracy. I am very sorry to disappoint our fans, but I can assure them that this is not what Axl wanted, nor is it 'Another page from the Howard Hughes of rock,' as some media will no doubt portray it. I made a plan, and unfortunately it did not work out."[23]

Do you know anything about the aborted 2001 Tour, why it was cancelled? Was Axl speaking the truth when he claimed he didn't know about it?

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Funny how he'll cancel a tour for Buckethead but will force Bumblefoot to continuously play shows in pain.

Nobody is 'forced' to play in pain. He has a choice... you make it seem like their is a gun to Bumble's head. I'm quite sure that isn't the case and Bumble chooses to play.

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