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Haters Gonna Hate

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Try the outpatience wikipedia page.

Yep, it was West Arkeen's band The Outpatience... Anxious Disease (released in 1996) is the last song, with contributions from both, Axl and Slash.

Well, on the album is also few other "interesting" songs:

Purchase My Freedo - featuring Duff McKagan

Wound Up in a Vega - featuring Izzy Stradlin

It's a cool album. ;)

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I love that record and this song in particular. It reminds me a little of Mother Love Bone. Anxious Disease is the last track that both Axl and Slash appeared on. According to one of the members of Outpatience, they made sure to set up different dates and times for them to work on it. They kept their involvement secret from each other because neither would've agreed to do it if they knew the other would be involved.

Axl is in the backing vocals.His voice blends so well with West's that you can barely hear/distinguish him.Maybe they should have turned Axl up just a bit?

West was not the singer in this band. Mike Shotton was the vocalist.

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