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Their Satanic Majesties Request

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Guest deleted_19765

I finally got a hold of this record and have become pretty familiar with it by now. Honestly, I think its just another very good Stones album. Not as good as some of their others but definitely fun and interesting with several excellent songs. Its supposed to be a copy of Sgt. Pepper's, but doesn't really sound like that album at all. Definitely a Stones record through and through.

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Guest Len B'stard

I don't think it's ever been indicted for expressly SOUNDING like Sgt Peppers, i think it's just the career move thing and the whole thing was about, which is bullshit if you think about it cuz it's sort of the direction a generation went for a bit there, weren't it? And like you say, it's just a very very good sounding Stones album and it's a bit different...and it moves as well, it's not like...it don't sound like the bad experiment people make it out to be, y'know? And it had Brian to it and i think that was more important than the boys try and make out post-his dying. A really good case for his being irreplaceable, cuz other places he was the colour and the flair of The Stones for ages, they went kinda safe after that and he plays a shitload of things on this album too.

And it's got something to it, there's something more unashamedly sinister about it, it's psychedelia but it rocks harder than a lot of that stuff.


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It is definately better then people give it credit and unfairly compared to Beatles Sgt. Pepper but it pales in comparison to the albums that followed Beggars, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Beggars IMHO

True. I would also put Between the Buttons above it. The Stones just have that many great albums though.

No doubt mate........... I have seen them in concert more then any other band, starting with a show at MSG in 1975, and they are my favorite band of all time by a long shot. Even the 70's albums after Exile had their brilliant moments IMHO...

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Great album!

2000 Man, In Another Land, Gomper and The Lanturn are great, great songs.

The only one on the album I don't like or feel fits is She's A Rainbow.

I always include this album in with the few after it as the "album" years for the Stones.

Prior to Satanic, it was really all about the singles I feel. Aftermath and 12X5 were good as albums but they were more just a collection of singles mixed with some quickly riffled off fillers. I don't feel they paid attention to each song on their albums as much as the Beatles did until 1967 onwards.

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