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What direction do you want them to take?


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Been wondering what the next album will sound like when it's eventually created. Chinese Democracy doesn't sound too much like classic Guns N Roses at all, I'd say C. Democracy and This I Love are the only two that wouldn't sound that much out of place on a previous album. Possibly Street of dreams and Madagascar at a push. Don't get me wrong, I really like most of the album, but it's very clear Axl took a different direction compared to his previous material. And he even said himself that it doesn't sound like Axl rose sometimes.

So as for the next album, what do you want to hear? Chinese democracy, part II? Less ballads? A different direction again? Heavier stuff?

Personally I want to hear more rawness. I miss how raw their music sounds, pure hard rock. That's why I like the Chinese democracy track so much and I'd like to hear more like that on the next album. And with the addition of ashba, I really think that's a possibility. I'm a fan of his solo work too, so I'm looking forward to some new riffs and solos coming from him as I believe his ideas and style are very much suited to gnr.

I definitely don't want to hear anything like that God awful hip hop blood in the water crap, that's for sure. I'd be very disappointed with something like that. I'm hoping that won't be the case though, as the 2001-2002 era seemed so different to the current band. Not only did they look extremely odd, but they had a very electronic/techno sound too, which thankfully isn't the case these days. Since 2006 axl seems re-born almost, and playing more stuff like nice boys, ac/dc stuff, etc, as well as being nostalgic with classic gnr stuff. So I think they've definitely moved away from that nu sound they seemed to be experimenting with during that era.

One thing I really hope is that Axl sounds like his old self again. I like the variation of vocals on CD but I wasn't too keen on catcher, prostitute, those more whiny vocals. Listening to back in the saddle w/ Bach is epic, would love if he sounded like that.

As I said earlier, I'm a big fan of CD, but sometimes I do listen to slash's post-gnr stuff and wonder how great they'd sound with axl singing on them.

Sort of random thoughts there, but meh, something to help me sleep ha.

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While I still want to hear lost CD songs like The General and Atlas Shrugged, I'm interested in them just pushing outward a little more on the next album in terms of songwriting.

More twisty-turny songs like Catcher in Rye, Street of Dreams and There Was a Time would be great to hear.

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Couldn't care less what the current band does. I guess it'd be cool if they tried to do a hard rock album for sales/regaining fans purposes, but let's be real here. Axl is 50 and has never sounded worse than he did on the most recent tour. The likelihood of an album of new material is extremely small.

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Something with some balls, some catchiness and some rawness to it. Maybe a "joke" track or two (e.g. "Used To Love Her") that would showcase Axl's epic sense of humor.

Whatever the case- no more of the "wounded puppy/Stephanie and Slash fucked me over" routine. That shit is 15-20 years ago now. Time to move on. Let's hear something from today's band that's relevant to today. Dump out the CD left-overs on a box set or as fan club downloads or something- but press forward with the current line-up with some urgency and sense of purpose...

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As far as remaining a cover band (with reuniting off the table), I'd like them to do this.


Get in shape, fix his voice.




Gone (he's too good for this)


Fix his tone and upgrade to lead player




Gone, replace with someone decent.


Keep him around.


Gone. Love him, but he has no place in the AFD cover band.

If possible, get Izzy and Duff back full-time for rhythm and bass. If not, get someone who plays like Izzy to replace Fortus (who upgrades to lead) on rhythm and just keep Tommy where he is.

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im not into industrial music but i really liked how axl pulled off stuff like shacklers and oh my god.

i wouldnt mind a hard rock style album problem is i really dont like DJ's style of rock at all.

the crazy out of left field is i would like to see gnr do a doom metal type of album something similar to early black sabbath/candlemass.

the detuned guitars would help axls voice and if he wanted to go with a more clean vocal style, it would blend very well with dooms heavy crushing riffs

soul monster is supposed to be "sabbath" sounding so it might be something that axl has experimented with before

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