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Axl's Son?


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Is this some random photo, or do the other 3 have a connection ?

I have to agree, facially there is some resemblance between the kid in the photo and a younger Axl Rose.

That's Erin Everly and her three children.

And yes, there is a slight resemblance to the way Axl looked when he was a kid, but the numbers don't add up.

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After putting a little bit of thought into this, I've come to the conclusion that it is Axl's son. Would anyone really expect Axl's sperm to impregnate anybody in any sort of reasonable time frame?


That's pretty funny.

Also, can't sperm be frozen for some time? Who the fuck knows, but if that isn't the spitting image...

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The older kids look like a mix of Jack and Erin, the kids have his eyes, her face shape.

Avoid posting photos from anything not in her gallery as far as the kids go. I guess she knows people want to know whatever happened to "SCOM" so she posts the photos up and lets people know, and possibly just in case she wants to get into acting or modeling again. Whoever caught her in the audience has a really good eye, but should have done a better job with that flash.

I guess with Erin's brother being an entertainer, he could prob. answer questions about stuff like who the brother in law is that Axl wrote Riad about, what he thinks about GNR, if Axl ever helped him out, etc. He was around at the time, he had a band, he also grew up with her and got to know GNR to an extent, so I'm sure he has "Sunset Stories". I'm sure he'd rather talk about his career but he has a history that ties into GNR.

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