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First record/CD you ever bought.


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First original cassette I ever got myself, (without including dubs from my older sisters collection!) Warrant - Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.

First E.P, also on cassette was a shoplifted copy of UKJ, As Ugly as they Wanna Be!

First C.D, (was slow\poor to catch on to my own CD player) was the UYI II Longbox (sister gave it to me for B'day)

First C.D I bought was UYI I, only a day or three later!..

But.. I did score my older brothers collection, when he moved out, containing such classics as The Firm -

'!, Kylie Minogue - Locomotion and Joe Dulce -
all on record singles (SP)

(He was also into KISS, Dire Straits and Midnight Oil, but took those with him!) Still, quite glad i largely inherited my sisters preference for Hair\Glam Metal, which lead to more metal\rock music... rock3

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I will not tell, to embarrassing.........

Well, it can't be much worse than Lionel Richie :lol: and there is the assumption that you buy your first record when you are quite young so all can be excused IMO! Please do tell........

It can be much worse actually.......

Ok have in mind, I was 7 years old!

Really embarressing :lol:

After that, it did get better really.

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