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Rock bands/singers in commercials


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I posted the Bon Jovi ad (Avon?? Speechless) , but there's hundreds, maybe thousands of musicians and singers of all sorts pitching product globally. Some are good, some are really, really bad. Post your favorites, esp. the cringe inducing ones.

This can also include music being licensed for the ad.

Iggy Pop (this is part of a series)

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Johnny Lydon for Country Life Butter! :lol: Funny actually, at one of the PiL gigs my mate shouted at him "IT'S NOT ABOUT GREAT BRITAN, ITS ABOUT GREAT BUTTER" :lol:

Johnny Lydon did a TV commercial! I don't believe it! I wonder if he regrets doing it if he has to listen to people yelling that at him like that?

Geeeez, honestly he's the last one I would have thought would do such a thing? Maybe he just really loves butter? :lol:

In all seriousness though, I hate celebritities in ads. I know it's money, but they really appear to sell a little piece of their souls whenever they do these things.

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