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GNR Karaoke


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Okay I just sang "Don't Cry" during Karaoke at a bar...We did pretty damn well but I made the choice to sing it mainly low like the demos. Easier and has an interesting power imo.

Threads point is have u ever sang GNR at karaoke? What song? How'd it turn out and what was the reaction?

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i have some accoustic covers videos on my pc. I play guitar and sang

Dead Flowers

Used To Love Her


November Rain

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Sweet Child O' Mine

Civil War

Don't Cry

Don't Go Away Mad

Animal In Me

On With The Show

Home Sweet Home

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I don't do GNR Karaoke or any Karaoke for that metter.. although I have seen someone do Welcome to the Jungle during a Karaoke.. it was embarrassing to watch as the guy doing the singing really thought he was good.

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The bassist from my band and I did a duet on Paradise City in a boozer in Glasgow the other year. He sang the low part and I took the high part. Despite being smashed I still somehow managed to get an offer to join another band by some lad who was at the bar :D

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Done it several times. Sung "Hair Of The Dog" with friends in a local cover band as well, that was pretty bad ass and fun. Did "Jungle" with another band with people I knew a few times. Completely forgot the words the 2nd time, to a song I must have heard 500 thousand times, but it was still worth it and fun.

Did "Mr. Brownstone" over the summer in Ocean City, Maryland, and was surprised and happy to hear the majority of the bar singing along.

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